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Display the subdomain in page path in Top Pages report

For sites that use subdomains (,…), it would be nice to be able to see the subdomain in the page path in the Top Pages report.

Currently if you use the same Plausible snippet on multiple subdomains the identical page paths (say and will be listed under one entry (/best-page/) in the Top Pages report with the stats combined into that one entry.

Would be nice to be able to differentiate the traffic between those two pages without needing to use the roll-up reporting.

Related request: Filter stats by subdomain #171

7 months ago

Related to this: You can now filter your traffic by hostname! This way you can get a global overview of traffic across all your hostnames as well as segment by a single subdomain all in the same Plausible dashboard. See more:

9 days ago

I was looking for exactly this, awesome!

2 days ago