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Custom events & conversion tracking#5

I’d like to be able to track actions like:

  • Signup
  • Newsletter signup
  • Product checkout
  • etc.

This would enable me to measure how well my website is converting visitors.

2 years ago

I also would like to be able to track search requests on my site that have url like /?s=<query here>

a year ago

Really need this for a SPA. Can’t find any simple alternatives to Google Analytics (like Plausiable) that have events

a year ago
Changed the title from "Custom events to build funnels" to "Custom events & conversion tracking"
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a year ago

Void params in a url
Lets say I have user/<username_param>/follow/
How could we track both most popular users while also tracking the number of follow urls hit in general without worrying about a parameter/keyword in the url. Its a static vs dynamic url problem.

a year ago

Going live with v1 of this. If you’re interested in tracking conversions, read the docs here. You can see an example of how they look on the live demo.

What’s supported at the moment:

  • Track number of visitors who reached a certain page
  • Trigger custom events and track how many visitors took that action
  • Filter the stats for a specific goal by clicking on it. See which referrers, countries, browsers, operating systems are driving the most conversions.


  • Track entry pages to see which landing pages are driving the most conversions
  • Add conversion value for revenue attribution

Would love to hear more feedback on this.

a year ago
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