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API to show data on dashboard#22

As we currently use a dashboard that pulls in data via an API (or otehr connection methods) it would nice to be able to gave an API that can pull in details.

E.g. /api/pageviews/last7days to get the last 7 days page views,

2 years ago

this can be super useful

a year ago

This would also be useful to make rankings of most visited posts on a blog.

a year ago

Yeah, great idea.

a year ago
Changed the status to
9 months ago

Great news! 🥳

9 months ago

This is actually possible using their own internal /api/YOUR_SITE_NAME_HERE endpoint if you leave your stats as public. Not the best solution but definitely possible right now.

All you would need to do is find the stats that you want and then open up the Network monitor to see what requests are being made.

9 months ago

Thank you all for your contribution. We’re moving this thread to Github:

7 months ago